About us

Kwaito Koeksister started in December 2018 when I was retrenched as creative director of a big News broadcaster. It was a very traumatic experience to leave a company that you had given your heart and soul to for the past 12 years. But that’s life!

Without being paid severance and only having a little bit of pension, I decided to go and explore the markets and shopping malls of Bangkok to go and find the clothes and accessories that I could never find in a mall. Always being eccentric, weird, teased at school and never really fitting into the so called normal mould, I always found comfort in movies, games, music and fashion and that was the motivation behind the brand. Supplying our customers with weird and wonderful things at affordable prices.

In the first year of the business we did various festivals and we got to know our customers and they all seem to become family after the first sale. We love making our customers happy by giving them quality goods at the best prices. We believe we are all created equal and we need to accept each other and love each other for who we are and don’t hate because someone is different than you.  

Just be!