Portable Rainbow Folding Stool (Blue)
Portable Rainbow Folding Stool (Blue)Portable Rainbow Folding Stool (Blue)Portable Rainbow Folding Stool (Blue)
R 520.00R 399.00
Portable Rainbow Folding Telescopic Stool 
  • Perfect for Festivals, Fishing, Camping, Hiking etc Seat 
  • You can take this folding stool anywhere without any burden. 
  • Easy to carry: Its length adjustable nylon straps allow you to carry by hand with ease or carry over your shoulder. 
  • Made from polyamide, which makes it resistant and durable and perfect for most weather conditions.
  • Foldable, Stretchable, Collapsible and Height-Adjustable Stool. This makes it suitable for most adults and children.
  • The anti-skid design of the bottom of the stool makes it stable and sturdy on all surfaces.
  • Operate Telescopic Folding Stool in seconds 
  • Simply grab the holes on either side of the stool with your fingers, pull to the desired height, then rotate to fix in position.
  • To close the stool, pull a little while open, rotate in the opposite direction, and compress till closed flat.
Size: Opened: 25.5cm x 25.5cm x 45cm; Folded: 25.5cm x 6.5cm
Material: Polyamide
Product weight: 1.2kg
Maximum load capacity: 150kg

- The side of the stool cannot be pressed.
- The stool is designed for load-bearing only on the top of the stool.
- The stool should not be tilted while sitting on it.
- It is recommended to sit at the center of the stool and not on the edge of the stool.

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